Zane "Zubaz" Vance
Ring name(s) "Heaving" Howard Vance
Zane "Zubaz" Vance
Billed weight 214 lbs. (97.1 kg)
Billed from Newport Beach, California
Howard Vance, better known by his ring name Zane "Zubaz" Vance, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to the Professional Grappling Association, where he competes in the juniors division as a member of the Good Dudes Alliance. Vance's character is that of a happy-go-lucky surfer.

Vance first gained fame in PGA in the early 1990s and throughout the "Some Rad Ass Wrestling" time period, both in singles competition and as one half of the Extreme Broheims with "Casual" Jack Slacks. Despite the passing of time and a well documented bout against alcoholism, Vance made a surprising return to active competition In 2009, wherein he feuding briefly with Ari Richter before forming a tag team with Buster Abbott.

Thanks to his do-gooder attitude, penchant for in-ring comedy and pre-match ritual of handing a pair of his signature Oakley Blades to a youngster in the audience, Vance has once again become a fan favorite. It is also commonly known that Vance is "dope at not going over the top rope," maintaining a +1 in battle royal situations.[citation needed]

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