For the pre-unionization tag team championships see United States Tag Team Championship

The U.S. Tag Team Champio
nship is the tag team championship of PGA. They are not to be confused with the United States Tag Team Championship which was taken by Cat Gunsmith to the USA. The new titles were brought in by a debuting Stevens N. Stevens on March 25, 2009 in a duffel bag. It was implied that they are the same titles as before.

Title HistoryEdit

Wrestlers: Reigns: Date: Location: Days Held: Notes:
The Puppets (Mario Nyet and Bunraku) 1 May 6, 2009 Tokyo, Japan 100 Won an eight team gauntlet match at Throwing Hands
Bunraku and Snake Eyes 1† August 14, 2009 Houston, Texas 12 Snake Eyes poses as a puppet to win the tag team championship with Bunraku at Remain Alive
Snake Eyes and Nightdiver 1†† August 26, 2009 New Orleans, Louisiana 42 Both championship holders pick a partner to compete with for control of the championship. Bunraku was teaming with Mario Nyet
The Mountain and the Sky (Ajay Rupa and Kang JumBo) 1 October 7, 2009 Mexico City, Mexico 171 Defeated Snake Eyes and Night Diver at Cargado Completamente
The Cavendish Estate (Jack Cavendish and Dawkins) 1 March 26, 2010 Cleveland, OH 297 Defeated The Mountain and The Sky in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at Crowning a Champion's Waist '10 (Internetico and GANJU) 1 January 16, 2011 Portland, Oregon 122 Defeated The Cavendish Estate at Final Four: World of Sport
John "The Executioner" Abbott and Buster Abbott 1 May 18, 2011 Washington, DC Reigning Defeated at Final Four: World of Sport

† Bunraku's second time holding the title
†† Snake Eyes' second time holding the title

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