Todd Gregory
Ring name(s) Kid Falcon
Kid Falcon II
Todd Gregory
Billed height 5 ft. 8 in. (1.7 m)
Billed weight 170 lbs. (77.1 kg)
Born August 29, 1991
Billed from Round Rock, Texas
Trained by Slyclops IX
Raijin Narukami
Theodore David Gregory (born August 29, 1991), better known by his ring name Todd Gregory, is a professional wrestler currently signed to the Professional Grappling Association, where he is a member of the stable The Cool Kids. Gregory's gimmick is an amplification of his real life homosexuality, an exploitation of homosexual stereotypes including a love of glitter and sexual promiscuity.

Gregory joined the Pro Graps Academy in late 2009. He was given the gimmick of "Kid Falcon II" after the original Kid Falcon was unmasked and revealed to be "Crimson Skies" Josh Brown as part of an angle with Rusty Cooledge. Gregory wears a slightly altered version of Brown's the Kid Falcon gear. He made his singles debut in PGA in a losing effort to Tommy Catfood on the August 25, 2010, edition of PGA Primetime Wednesday!

Gregory often clashed with the Academy's new trainer, Raijin Narukami, and split off from Raijin to join The Cool Kids in November of 2010. Remaining close to Dallas Leto after the collapse of The Cool Kids, he became

Todd Gregory's ornately decorated plague doctor mask.

a founding member of xYOUTH PLAGUEx.


Todd Gregory has had eight separate near-death experiences.

In wrestlingEdit

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