Patty, PGA Ring Announcer c. 2011

Patricia Annette "Patty" McGuirk (born March 3, 1985), better known by her stage name Patty, is a professional wrestling ring announcer currently working for the Professional Grappling Association. Patty made her debut on the January 23 edition of PGA Primetime Wednesday! as the replacement for the malfunctioning Announcer Bot 2.0.


Early LifeEdit

McGuirk born to a lower upper class Vermont family in 1985. A champion of local beauty pageants from an early age, McGuirk became enamored with the idea of not only participating in pageants, but in having a microphone and telling everyone who was watching what was happening. She continued this hobby throughout high school, where she became a recognized fixture in the Montpelier High School morning announcements as well as being named Miss Teen Vermont.

Pro Graps Association (2011-)Edit

McGuirk's "Patty" character entered PGA in January of 2011 at the request of real life friend Pru, who suggested the beauty as a replacement for the Announcer Bot, who had suffered an irreperable hardware damage at the hands of Natasha. Commissioner Maria Sol Flores agreed to hire Patty upon hearing that she was engaged and would not be participating in any interoffice romance due to an off-screen engagement. This is one of the many aspects of McGuirk's real life given to the Patty character, as McGuirk has been engaged to PGA front office accountant Steve Garcia since late 2010.

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