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Heavyweight Division

Ring name Notes
"The Hybrid" Ben Crane
Bobby Fatal
Brandon O'Brien
Buster Abbott U.S. Tag Team Champion
"Berlin Iron Horse" Helm Konrad
Hiram McClellan
Jack Cavendish
John Hellencamp
John "The Executioner" Abbott U.S. Tag Team Champion
King Falcon
Lester Balaam Jackson
"Mammoth" Kang JumBo
Mario Nyet
The Mime PGA Broadcast Champion
Rick Aomori-Jones
Shane McClellan
Slyclops IX
Snake Eyes

Junior Heavyweight Division

Ring name Notes
Ailin Kennedy
Brian Genius
Brutal Chambers
"Crimson Skies" Josh Brown
Dallas Leto
Drew Parker
"Goodtime" Gary Bolan
Henrik Dahl
Johnny Roppongi
"Koala Bear Kid" Jak McPhee
Luke Ramza
Pete Torrence
Raijin Narukami PGA World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion
Randy Maldonado
Todd Gregory
Whoomp Del Rio
Zane "Zubaz" Vance

XX Division

Ring name Notes
Arana Negra
Cassie “Calamity” Jane
Christina Tautou
Daniella Firehammer
Keiko Asamura
Maiden Black
Penelope Cavendish
Ruth Toskala PGA Junior Heavyweight Champion
Venom Asamura
Wandering Star PGA Unified Women's Champion

Enhancement Talent

Ring name Notes
"Bad Case" Errol Flavius
George Washington Qatar
Ibrahim Lincoln
Pauly Prince
Segata Tsubaba
Thor Von Lightningstrike
Tommy Catfood

Good Enough

Ring name Notes
Beer Belly Bagwell
Brosh Dadekian
Jethro Magoobersnatch
Jill "Jill" Thermopolis
Justice Farrow
Lemont Jordan
Skid Spyro
Laserboy Trainer
Brandi Miller Trainer
Metallica: The Wrestler Trainer
Herschel Heinemann Trainer
Erisa Taft Human Resources


Ring name Notes
Beatrix Interviewer
Billy Timekeeper
Chip Sandles Play By Play
Church Fire Road Agent
Dom Giordano Referee
Dexter St. Jock Sexual Maniac
Joe Hamilton Senior Referee
King Caesar Color Commentary
Larry Csonka Interviewer
Maria Sol Flores Commissioner
Patty Ring announcer
Pru Assistant to the Commissioner
Ronnie Lincoln Referee
Tyrone Rope Ring Boy

Tag Teams

Team name Members
Black Dude Buster Abbott & Zane "Zubaz" Vance
The Cavendish Estate Jack Cavendish & Dawkins
The Dirty South Shane McClellan & Hiram McClellan
Lucharesu.com Internetico & GANJU
Presidents Day George Washington Qatar & Ibrahim Lincoln
The Poison Souls Bobby Fatal & Mayhem
The Puppets Mario Nyet & Bunraku
Red Sons Johnny Roppongi & "Crimson Skies" Josh Brown
xTHE GLITTER AND THE GREASEx Todd Gregory & Randy Maldonado
Sex Express Pauly Prince & "Bad Case" Errol Flavius
The Untouchables Pete Torrence & Luke Ramza
Whoomp Del Rio Whoomp Del Rio


Stable name Members
Good Dudes Alliance Buster Abbott, "Mammoth" Kang JumBo, & Zane "Zubaz" Vance
The Jet Set Brian Genius, Johnny Roppongi, "Crimson Skies" Josh Brown, Bubblegum Kimiko, Ruth Toskala, "Koala Bear Kid" Jak McPhee, & Thor Von Lightningstrike
O'Brien's Pub Brandon O'Brien, "Goodtime" Gary Bolan, Arana Negra & Rick Aomori-Jones
The Poison Souls Boomshika Debonair, Mayhem, Bobby Fatal, Broken, & Maiden Black
xYOUTH PLAGUEx Dallas Leto, Randy Maldonado, Todd Gregory, Ailin Kennedy, Pete Torrence, Luke Ramza, Skid Spyro & Mercy


Ring name
Ajay Rupa
Announcer Bot 2.0
Ari Richter
Artemis Crandal
Chumly the Bear II
David Chestnut
Horatio Crandal
Jason Waterfalls
J.P. Widmore
Kate Cameron


Ring name
Nick Steele
Pierre Kirby
Rusty Cooledge
Salvador Serpiente
Steve Riddick
Stevens N. Stevens
Tom Breakers
Wes Judicata

Special Guests

Ring name
Anton "Panther" Long
Birdie Nom Nom
Burkina Fatso
"Casual" Jack Slacks
Cat Gunsmith
El Hijo de Don Leo Jonathan
Father Abraham
Hirsute Ferhat
The Royal Bumble

Featured Article

The Black Cross Crusade was a professional wrestling stable in the Professional Grappling Association consisting of King Falcon, Brutal Chambers and the Crusade's founder, Helm Konrad. Originally a mantra used solely by Konrad in an attempt to focus on his war with the Zen Dungeon, the Crusade was known for its thematic moral conflict: utilizing the strength of one's own evil to defeat the evil of another. The stable was disbanded after the Dungeon's apparent defeat at Crowning a Champion's Waist '11, though Konrad has yet to give up the banner.

Despite the ousting of Stevens and breakup of the Dungeon at Crowning a Champion's Waist, Helm Konrad found no peace as the World Champion. Convinced he needed to continue the war, he lashed out at Falcon and Chambers, who had by now doffed the Black Cross banner. As tensions grew, Chambers decided that "The Beast" - Konrad's uncontrollable alter-ego - needed to be stopped. While an emergency at home took Konrad off television for a short time, his inevitable World Title match with Chambers was pushed back after Throwing Hands '11 to the June 8th episode of Primetime Wednesday. Konrad defeated Chambers with his signature Blitzhammer, and the fellowship of the Black Cross Crusade came to an official close.

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