A Link To The Matt
Billed height 6 ft 11 in
Billed weight 315 lbs
Billed from Las Vegas, Nevada

Nightdiver is a tall, tobacco-addicted, scuba-suit-wearing, ginger professional wrestler formerly competing in the Pro Graps Association. Prior to his discovery by Snake Eyes, who utilized him as a bodyguard and mercenary due to his natural size and strength, he made his living by diving into water hazards at golf courses and recovering the errant balls to be cleaned and resold to unsuspecting patrons. The pair won the U.S. Tag Team Championship on August 26, 2009, after Snake, disguised as Jack Daniels -- a Puppet designed to look like Snake himself -- jointly won the titles with Bunraku , and Snake chose 'Diver as his new partner to defeat the team of Bunraku and Mario Nyet to win the disputed championship the following week. Snake and Diver, two of the founding members of The Bastards Club , would hold the titles for 42 days before losing them to The Mountain and The Sky at Cargado Completamente 2009.

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