Monster Aggregate Wrestling (or MAW) is a regional cult promotion in the northeastern United States run by
theater majors. It uses wrestling as a backdrop, but focuses more on campy storytelling and spectacular costumes in monster-themed genre settings. Every year is considered a "season," where they change the main villain and storyline, but please keep in mind that they have never run more than four shows a year (and that only happened once.) Mainstream coverage has made the promotion seem much larger than it actually is, and it very nearly went under after a disastrous 2009 season coupled with the national recession.

Each show revolves around the heroic exploits of WILDERNESS Keio battling that season's villain and their army of monsters. Many performers portray multiple characters across the seasons, and sometimes even multiple roles on each show, thanks to the constant use of giant rubber monster suits. Roles with more wrestling are often played by POWER Pro roster members, as the the costumes allow for them to remain anonymous (as redundant as that may be.)

Roster and CharactersEdit



  • Sadness Werewolf Takiyama
  • Hack-A-Snack
  • Oktöberpus
  • Toots Uncommon
  • Hypnosis Vampires (including Hypnosis Vampire #9)
  • Shred-asaurus
  • They Might Be Giants
  • The Chronopillar
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