The Panamanian Assassin
Billed height 6 ft 1 in
Billed weight 249 lb
Billed from Panama City, Panama

Manuel Obando is a legend of the Panamanian wrestling circuit. He wrestled for PGA in the 1980's and 1990's as "The Panamanian Assassin".


His battles with "Sexy Mann" Mark Mann earned them "Feud of the Year" in the 1985 Wrestling Contemplator Year-End Achievement Awards. The two matched up the following year in a Special Attraction Match at PGA's first pay-per-view "This Wrestling Event".

Obando is best known for his feud with PGA legend Cat Gunsmith. Following the December 1989 United States invasion of Panama, the uber-patriotic Gunsmith took it on himself to start a war with the Panamanian Obando. The two main-evented Crowning A Champion's Waist '90 in Gunsmith's trademark Flag Match. As he did throughout his PGA career, Obando fell short of the PGA World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship after Gunsmith grabbed the Panamanian flag and tore it to pieces to the roar of the crowd.


Following his retirement in 1999, Obando opened up a wrestling training facility in his native Panama City, "La Instalación de Entrenamiento del Asesino". The school has trained the likes of Whoomp Del Rio, Ronaldo Santo-Cey, El Caballero Blanco, and LLL's eL LuChAdOrE eÑmAsCaRaDo.

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