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The Instituto de la Pelea Organizada
( literally the Institute of the Organized Fight ) is a wrestling school founded by former CMLL wrestlers and Alegre Dynasty members El Tandy and El Diablo Verde in July of the year 2000. The school operates in a two-story warehouse that was formerly the home of Las Cruces Specialty Supply Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico.


The Instituto has two full-sized wrestling rings. The First, referred to as the 'Youngster Ring' is in the backyard of the building, and is generally where new students get their initial training by the more inexperienced trainers. The second, or 'Main Ring' is located inside the building, and is for students with more experience.

The Building also features two complete weight sets, a full range of cardio workout equipment, and two fully equipped locker rooms. El Tandy and El Diablo Verde share an office on the ground floor.

Current StaffEdit

The Instituto's current staff are as follows:

-El Tandy, Senior Trainer

-El Diablo Verde, Senior Trainer

-Miguel Majella, Senior Trainer

-Arana Negra, Senior Women's Trainer

-Luciferi, Trainer

-Mitad Dyna-Mite, Trainer

-Black Bart Boracho, Trainer

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

As of May 2010, rumours have began circulating that El Tandy and Manuel Obando have reached a 'Talent Exclusivity Agreement', wherin both the Instituto de la Pelea Organizada and Obando's La Instalación de Entrenamiento del Asesino will share training duties. In addition to this, Obando has allegedly agreed to hire as many of the Instituto's graduates as he is able, in an effort to fill his growing company with fresh talent. Neither El Tandy or Manuel Obando have confirmed this, but Arana Negra has recently been Tweeting regarding a new job in Panama, setting the IWC ablaze with speculation.

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