Henrik Dahl
Ring name(s) Friendly Knut Fjeld
Billed height 5'10"
Billed weight 178 lbs
Born October 27, 1986
Bremanger, Norway
Trained by Ole Haukelid
Henrik Morten Dahl (born October 27, 1986) is a Norwegian-born wrestler and musican currently signed with the Professional Grappling Association as part of its World Talent Initiative

Early LifeEdit

Dahl was born to Torvald and Sigrid Dahl in a small house near the docks of Bremanger, Norway. While Dahl himself describes his early life as "fairly pedestrian," those close to him talk highly of Dahl, calling him "highly ambitious" and a child who showed great talent in both music and athleticism. From a young age, he was fascinated by wrestling shows on television, both American and Norwegian, and wanted to be a wrestler.

Musical CareerEdit

After quickly adapting to the guitar and piano in middle school, Dahl found himself with a desire to become both a musician and a wrestler. While his parents allowed him to pursue his dream of music, they refused to allow him to wrestle until he graduated from high school. He released his first album, Visions of Dahl, when he was 15 years old and found himself with a hit single, the novelty rockabilly song "Do the Honky-Tonk Henrik." Soon after, he was met with multiple recording contracts before signing to Setesdal Sounds Records. His contract included a clause that he was not allowed to tour until his graduation, as per the promise he made to his parents.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Despite poor performance in school for a multitude of reasons(including writing music and severe depression chronicled in one album), Dahl was able to graduate with a very low grade point average. Soon after he began training with famous Norwegian wrestler Ole "the Living Maelstrom" Haukelid, who was impressed by his high flying abilities in the ring. He joined the Norwegian Wrestling Ordinance and quickly became a fan favorite babyface acting as "Friendly" Knut Fjelde, a character based around Dahl's real life nice guy persona(the Fjelde character was dropped after his first appearance, as too many people in the audience immediately recognized Dahl).

After being a three-time NWO Juniors champion, he was met by a talent scout representing the Professional Grappling Association, where he began his North American wrestling career on February 2nd, 2011.


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