Gary Bolan
Bran-dun Ky-la
Billed height 5 ft. 11 in.
Billed weight 215 lbs
Born November 28, 1980 (age 29)
Billed from Birmingham, England
Trained by Roland Harrison
Debut February 25, 2010

Garrison "Gary" Bolan (born November 28, 1980) is an English professional wrestler from Birmingham, England, currently signed to the Professional Grappling Association, as well as Asociación de Panamanian Grappling. His style is a mixture of traditional British technical wrestling, as well as some high flying and American catch style thrown in.

Bolan is often depicted as a sleazy, womanizing, somewhat charming yet mostly vulgar lothario. He has boasted many sexual conquests, but has yet to be seen onscreen with any woman visibly attracted to him.


Beginnings (1999-2000)Edit

Bolan learned to wrestle from "High Rollin'" Roland Harrison, a native of Gary's hometown of Birmingham. Bolan joined Harrison's class in late 1999, and graduated in 2000, the year of his official debut.

British Independents/United Kingdom Wrestling League (2001-2009)Edit

Bolan is most well known for his stint in the United Kingdom Wrestling League, a promotion co-owned by Roland Harrison and Ryan Starkey. As a well regarded pupil of Harrison's, Bolan found himself in the thick of things in UKWL, oftentimes being a part of the promotion's top storylines and rivalries.

Bolan also formed many tag teams, possibly the most well known and popular being with Brandon O'Brien as part of the Twentieth Century Boys.

American Independents (2005-2009)Edit

Bolan travelled to America many times during his career, usually making appearances in POWER Pro, and usually teaming with O'Brien. These appearances stopped when he signed a short term deal with the Royal Wrestling Federation.

Royal Wrestling Federation (2009-2010)Edit

It didn't work out.

Professional Grappling Association (2010)Edit

Bolan eventually made his way to PGA, where he immediately re-formed his Twentieth Century Boys tag team with Brandon O'Brien. The two quickly set their sights on tag team gold, winning a five-way tag match for a shot at the titles at Crowning a Champion's Waist '10, and challenging for the titles at Throwing Hands '10, facing off against the Cavendish Estate. After losing their match, O'Brien s turned on his partner, dropping him on his head with a Designated Driver, and leaving him in the ring. The two seem to have made up, but have yet to re-team as of this time.

Asociación de Panamanian Grappling (2010)Edit

Bolan has made at least one appearance in APG, cutting a promo about coming to conquer the women of Panamania. Whether or not he is able to is not known at this time.

In wrestlingEdit

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