Final Four is a recurring professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced annually by the Professional Grappling Association. Beginning in 2009, it is traditionally themed around the "final four" competitors in a tournament held throughout the month leading up to the event. So far, the major tournament in both years has been the World Juniors Cup, with the tournament becoming far more expansive in 2011. The show's title also refers to - and inspires - other matches on the card featuring some permutation of four competitors.


In 2009, the inaugural Final Four concluded a 16-man World Juniors Cup tournament, pitting Brian Genius against Rusty Cooledge in the final singles match. The two runners-up, Yoshihiro Jin and Stevens N. Stevens, fought for the third-place trophy as well as entry into the upcoming Ladder War at Crossfire. The evening also saw the final match in an 8-woman XX-Division tournament, the winner of which was awarded the XX-Division Championship. The main event was a fatal four-way match for the PGA World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship.

Due to scheduling complications, Final Four did not take place at all in 2010. It was instead a few weeks later, in the first month of 2011.

In 2011, PGA teamed up with its sister promotions to double the size of the World Juniors Cup, with each of the four branches being held throughout the month within its own promotion. The promotions involved were PGA, USA, AAPW and APG. The resulting final match at Final Four was a lumberjack fatal four-way featuring a representative from each promotion, with the ring surrounded by the other 28 competitors who had not made it to the final.

Final Four dates and venuesEdit

Event Date City Venue Main Event
Final Four 2009 December 3, 2009 Louisville, Kentucky Freedom Hall King Falcon (c) vs. Brutal Chambers, Brandon O'Brien, & Slyclops IX in a fatal four-way match for the PGA World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
Final Four: World of Sport January 16, 2011 Portland, Oregon Memorial Coliseum Ben Crane (c) vs. "Mammoth" Kang JumBo for the PGA World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
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