Sleep Disorder
Ring name(s) Drew Parker
Sleep Disorder
"Sleep Disorder" Drew Parker
Mort Duval
"Midnight Rider" Paul Severe
Billed height 5 ft. 7 in. (1.5m)
Billed weight 145 lbs. (65.7kg)
Born October 31, 1990 (age 21)
Billed from "Under the Stairs"

Gloucester City, New Jersey

Trained by Chad Vanderquack

Mirando "Canalde" Veracruz

Debut October 12, 2007
Drew Alexander Parker (born October 31, 1990), best known by his ring name Sleep Disorder, is a professional wrestler currently working for the Professional Grappling Association, where he is a former Broadcast Champion . He was trained at the POWER Pro Wrestling Disassembly Line and is known for wearing a full Ghostface costume from the Scream film franchise on his way to the ring. Parker is a community college student who recently lost his day job when a Philadelphia area Quiznos was closed.

In POWER Pro, Parker is a member of the wrestling stable The Colony alongside Thanksgrieving and Larry Little Feather, working under the name Poca-hauntus. Recently he has undergone a deconstruction of his character in PGA, unmasking and changing his entrance theme to distance himself from the POWER Pro gimmick. This deconstruction has allowed him to win the Broadcast Championship in a Scramble Match at Crowning a Champion's Waist 2011 over Panther Long , "Goodtime" Gary Bolan , "Mammoth" Kang JumBo , and defending champion Brandon O'Brien. He's also bangin' Penny Cavendish , so life's pretty good for Drew right now.


Sleep Disorder w/ mask.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Nicknames

    Sleep arrives to the arena in Church Fire's van.

    • "Sleep"
    • "The Nocturnally Dismissive Terror"
    • "The Ghostface Thrilla"
    • "The Terror That Flips In The Night"
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