Date Event Organization Location
March 18 Crowning a Champion's Waist '09 PGA Naples, Florida
May 6 Throwing Hands '09 PGA Tokyo, Japan
July 3 The Grandest Stage of The Mall PGA Bloomington, Minnesota
August 14 PGA: Remain Alive PGA Houston, Texas
October 7 Cargado Completamente PGA Mexico City, Mexico
December 3 Final Four PGA Louisville, Kentucky
December 27 Fin del Evento del Año: Seis APG Panama City, Panama
January 27 Crossfire PGA West Hartford, Connecticut
February Hazardous Conditions 2010 USA Colorado Springs, Colorado
February 7 Un Campeon es Coronado APG Havana, Cuba
March 26 Crowning a Champion's Waist '10 PGA Cleveland, Ohio
April Proceed With Caution USA Ann Arbor, Michigan
May 28 Throwing Hands '10 PGA London, England
June 26 Seeing Red USA Newport News, Virginia
June 20 Tussle at Tenochtitlan APG Mexico City, Mexico
July 23 Grandest Stage of The Mall 2 PGA Honolulu, Hawaii
August 29 Día del Renacimiento APG Panama City, Panama
September 1 Remain Alive 2010 PGA St. Louis, Missouri
September 25 Any Means Necessary USA San Antonio, Texas
November 24 APG/PGA Ladyfight APG and PGA Panama City, Panama
November 28 Cargado Completamente 2010 PGA and APG Panama City, Panama
December 4 Showvember USA Seattle, Washington
December 28 Fin del Evento del Año VII APG Panama City, Panama
January 16 Final Four: World of Sport PGA Portland, Oregon
February 4 Frostfight USA Cincinnati, Ohio
March 4 Crossfire '11 PGA Toronto, Canada
April 10 Crowning a Champion's Waist '11 PGA Cleveland, Ohio
May 18 Throwing Hands '11 PGA Washington, DC
June 29 Grandest Stage of The Mall 3 PGA Edmonton, Canada
August 10 Remain Alive 2011 PGA Las Vegas, USA

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