Helen Beatrice Kauffman (born November 14, 1989), better known by her stage name Beatrix, is an interviewer currently employed by the Professional Grappling Association. She handles backstage segments in conjunction with Larry Csonka. Kauffman, known for her sardonic wit and fan-appreciation for Rusty Cooledge, won her position on PGA Primetime Wednesday! through an online poll.


Early LifeEdit

Kauffman was born to Barbara and Menachem Kauffman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Excelling as the treasurer of the audio-visual club and graphics editor of her high school newspaper, Kauffman received a scholarship to attend Mount Mary College, where she studied journalism. She left the school after only two semesters to become an apprentice at a Milwaukee area tattoo and piercing parlor. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Kauffman started the highly profitable, a non-nude paysite that followed her daily life (sample article title: "Fuck Toesocks!") that accepted cash, check, credit, or wish list DVDs and underwear.

Pro Graps Association (2010-)Edit


Beatrix's self-shot submission for PGA's interview girl competition, 2010

The success of Kauffman's website propelled her into the finals of an online contest looking to find a new "interview girl" for PGA's Primetime Wednesday! and pay-per-view events. Despite her profile statement of, "I don't care if you vote for me, I just want to meet the wrestlers", Kauffman was selected and made her debut at Crowning a Champion's Waist '10. Her duties that night involved hosting the preshow and interacting with Ari Richter. She made her Primetime Wednesday debut on April 8, interviewing "The Aerial Anarchy" Rusty Cooledge.
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