AWA logo, on the front door of the GPYW Indoor Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Ahlan Wa Sahlan Association (AWA) is a Saudi Arabia based wrestling promotion, most famous in North America for producing Professional Grappling Association stars Ibrahim Lincoln and George Washington Qatar. AWA is just like any other wrestling organization, but if they catch you trying to pin somebody with your legs on the ropes they cut off your feet.

Known amongst Saudi pro wrestling fans as the traditional alternative to the more popular hardcore promotions like Extremist Championship Wrestling, AWA's storylines revolve around respect, obedient servitude, and prayer to Allah. In addition to Presidents Day, top stars of the AWA include Muhammad Dawood, Muhammad Imam Irani, Muhammad Muhammad Hosseini, and the Hebrew Gladiators, a team of horned, orthodox Jews named Lazar and Wolf. Lazar was recently pinned for the AWA Championship by a Russian who wandered into town to perform a demonstration and bashed him in the head with a fiddle.

The organization's weekly program "AWA Abhatu 'an Wrestling" can be seen on Wanasah satellite TV, part of the Middle East Broadcasting Center.

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