The Zen Dungeon is a philosophy and training school led by former professional wrestler Mizu Senshi. Within the scope of the Pro Graps Association, it was a faction and legal entity founded and led by Stevens N. Stevens.


Stick to the concrete stuff here. Don't worry about philosophy or whatever.

Senshi and StevensEdit

The early days.

Pro Graps AssociationEdit


Mission statementEdit

Discussion of both stated goals and popular theories of ulterior motives. Don't forget yer citations!

Stable membersEdit

Stick to people we've seen on TV. I know entire organizations were part of the Dungeon, but there's no need to list every member of AAPW, for instance. We would not list Kaijin Gamagirah, even though he was an implied member. We would, however, list Kang JumBo because his membership, despite being involuntary and limited, was mentioned on our own shows.

Affiliated organizationsEdit

While the Zen Dungeon angle was spread across a wide number of wrestling promotions, certain promotions were legally handed over wholesale to become property of the Dungeon. In doing so, every employee within the given company also became a Dungeon member by contract. Of such promotions, these were the most prominent:

In wrestlingEdit

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

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