David Chestnut
Billed height 5 ft. 5 in. (1.65m)
Billed weight 151 lbs. (68 kg)
Born June 2nd, 1974 (age 36)
Bath, Somerset, England
Debut March 3rd, 2009

David Chestnut (August 15th, 1975 - April 23, 2011), was an English professional wrestler signed to the Professional Grappling Association on a trial contract. Mere days after his kayfabe destruction at the hands of Helm Konrad, while giving a phone "shoot" interview with Mark Smart Video, he was ripped to shreds by white-bearded gibbons after falling into their enclosure at the Kennebunkport Zoo. His last words, "AIEEEEEEEE, MONKEYS!", are technically incorrect as gibbons are members of the great ape family.

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