The latest Billion Euro European Championship cup design.

The Billion Euro European Championship was an unsanctioned and unrecognized professional championship in PGA introduced and almost constantly held by "Wealthy European" Rich Frenchman. After several failed attempts at gaining the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, Frenchman purchased the enormous trophy cup and claimed it to be the largest and most expensive wrestling championship in the land. Weighing in at 12.4 kg, it was supposedly forged of pure Bolivian gold and then coated in pure Columbian silver, and cost the exact equivalent of what Frenchman predicted would be one billion euros. In truth, it only cost the company about $600. The cup design was chosen rather than a belt because "Europe." Just look at that thing, it just makes you angry, right?

Frenchman was rarely seen holding the championship; usually it was hauled down to the ring on a dolly by a disgruntled Norman, who actually had the privilege of being known as the Billion Euro European Champion several times, each reign lasting less than five minutes. Frenchman's title defenses were few and far between, as he carefully handpicked each of his opponents (all were either close friends, pawns, or at least of European descent). He never won a single defense.

In 1998, Frenchman awarded the the championship to Heinemann, who didn't seem to care and threw it into a dumpster along with several old McDonald's bags from the floor of his Volkswagen.. The title has yet to be reintroduced.

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